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Hi everyone. It’s a been a while but a lot has been happening and I’ve just had my head down working. If you’ve been watching my Facebook page you will have seen some glimpses of my rabbit picture book progressing and I can report that the artwork for Adelaide’s Secret World is IN and off being photographed. It’s so exciting – I can’t wait to see how that comes together. Stay tuned for news of the launch and exhibition in November.

News about Imagine a City: It has been put on the WAYRBA reading list (Western Australian young Reader’s Book Award). And after being out of print for some time is back in the country and will be available in bookshops and on my Shop site as soon as I get my delivery.

Events coming up:

On April 1 I’ll be giving a reading of Imagine a City in a shipping container as part of the wonderful Build & Rebuild Artsbox residency taking place at the Footscray Library. 10.30-11am Wednesday 1 April. There are lots of other things happening while Jo Skladzien and Joyce Watts are in residence so have a look at their website.

Markets are happening all through the year – check out the dates on the right.

And it looks like mid-year I’ll be heading to the Sunshine Coast for the 2015 Voices on the Coast literature festival. Hooray!

In the meantime I’m visiting schools and meeting kids as I love to do. If you’re like to book me for your school or festival, please email me or contact Nexus Arts.

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Studio Sale

I have news. My studio is officially too small and it is time to make room for new work – especially as I am currently painting a whole new picture book as big oil paintings, and after that I’ll be working toward a big exhibition.

So…. I’m having a once and only STUDIO SALE!

There will be a big range of works for sale including landscapes and figure studies, illustrations and character studies, and large framed major works. Everything will be greatly reduced in price (most artworks half price or more). This is definitely a once-off.

Sunday 23rd November, 11 – 3pm
Rear of 249 Richardson St, Princes Hill (Carlton North) 3054
Look for the blue gate!

For some sneak previews of works for sale, keep an eye on my facebook page.


ps. Kids are welcome, but please note there will be work leaning against the walls.

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Group Print Show

I have some exciting news – I’m about to take part in a new group exhibition of prints – opening tomorrow night at the No Vacancy Gallery in QV. Yesterday I delivered the work and saw some of the offerings and there is some really exciting stuff there.

‘The Waiting Sky’
Image size 26cm x 21cm

‘The End of Winter’
Image size 23 x 26cm (Flying elephant.)

Mount size for both is 366 mm x 402mm.

Opening tomorrow night at the No Vacancy Gallery in QV.
If anyone wants to secure one but can’t come to the gallery, please contact them:
There are also going to be screen printing workshops! Check their website for details.


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More reviews!

The gorgeous reviews keep coming from shops and blogs! Too exciting for words.

Some books are simply worth more than others.  Some books simply have the capacity to be a book which you will gather from the self to be read to a toddler and to a school boy again and again.  Imagine a City by Elise Hurst is such a book.  

The cover alone make you want to pick it up and then when you begin to read the rhyming text you are invited to imagine a city in which everything is different.  It really is a beautiful book, congratulations Elise and Omnibus books.  

And from the Modern Mummy Mayhem blog:

I cannot remember the last time my children and I become so enchanted and besotted with a book.  Imagine A City invites you to join the adventure of two children and their mother, as they explore a mysterious city.

With the turning of each page, you are drawn into the mysterious ‘world with no edges’.  With fish that fly through the sky and bears that ride bicycles, the opportunity to find a million different stories inside this story, certainly sent our imaginations into overdrive.

Elise Hurst’s pen and ink illustrations are magical,captivating and simply AMAZING.  I marvel at her talent and creativity AND  I am darn disappointed I am not in Melbourne this weekend for the book’s launch.

And from the NSW Gallery shop
Magic realism in artwork: the pictures are so stunning you will be enthralled. 
Extraordinary black-and-white artwork from multi-award-winning artist. 
A picture book that will engage children and adults alike. 
A city such as you have never seen!
And from Mamabytes
This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen this year. Elise Hurst has such a way with words and images; you and the kids will find yourselves transported right to the depths of your imaginations. The book invites kids to imagine the world in different ways: mysterious, adventure-filled, and completely enchanted. After reading this book my daughter and I talked for ages together imagining scenarios, however absurd or impossible they seemed. Something about this book reminds me of Enid Blyton adventures like The Magic Faraway Tree where the author treated the innocence of a child’s imagination with the utmost respect. In a word, Stunning. You absolutely have to grab a copy of this beautiful hardback.
And thank you, Pages and Pages Bookshop!
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Reviews coming in for Imagine a City

I’ve had a few great reviews already and am getting some wonderful feedback from those who have seen advance copies. Here are some of the highlights:

Firstly from Readings Books  reviewed by Alexa Dretzke   28 MAY 2014

“Elise Hurst’s masterful use of pen and ink has created an atmospheric world where mysterious happenings occur while an adult and two children take a trip to town. As they walk through the city, visiting a gallery, garden, museum and bookshop, magical and unexpected things enchant them.

Hurst’s finely detailed, black ink pictures have an old-world feel and invite the reader to look very closely to fully appreciate them. Children’s minds are open to the inexplicable and they will find plenty here to tantalise their imaginations.”


And here by Magpies Magazine.

And from the Bookworm blog:

“In a word – entrancing! 

Elise Hurst’s book is delightful from the very first page turn. “
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Imagine a City – BOOK LAUNCH!

I’m working on the window display right now – look for the flying bear. It should be a great afternoon in a beautiful book store with delightful people! Refreshments will be provided, there will be some special new prints and of course, the BOOK. The wonderful Sally Rippin will be joining me to launch it so please come and celebrate with us.

Let me know if you’re coming, if you can, so we know how many to cater for.

Saturday 14 June, 3pm @ Embiggen Books in Little Lonsdale st (beside the State Library).


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OWOD interview

I found one!

Here’s a short video interview with Craig Smith, Ann James and myself for ABC International, filmed yesterday at ABC Southbank for One Word One Day 2014.


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One Word One Day 2014

We got a great group of artists together yesterday for the 2014 One Word One Day drawing event, in aid of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

What a pleasure to do what we do best with friends around us and arty banter abounding. We are usually so solitary that something like this feels like we’re little cheeky kids let loose in a lolly shop. Thank you, ABC, for hosting the event at your Southbank digs :-) There were some amazing artworks created with all manner of mixed media which was provided by Zart Art. I have to say I was nervous, looking at the table strewn with different materials to work with. I’ve never been good at experimenting with papers and textures. It just isn’t my thing. I don’t know why. It’s not that I don’t look in awe at collage work… I guess I just love drawing and painting, and am sufficiently excited about those, that I don’t feel the need to try other stuff. It’s coming up with the internal story and the emotion and the detail of an artwork that I look forward to. Letting loose with colours and lines… that’s exciting for me!

This was my favourite finished piece – a tiger in pen, pastel, watercolour and ink about to pounce on a tiny beetle which is, itself, readying to pounce. And, funnily enough the work of the day to get us drawing was..


 Thank you ABC Southbank, Zart Art, and the ASA for making this great event come together. Keep an ear and and eye out for interviews popping up on the web and radio.

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New Market in Williamstown

I’m heading to the wonderful Substation Artists’ Market on Sunday over in Newport. It’s held on the first Sunday of every month and it may well become a regular haunt for me. I’m very excited to be joining them.

If this is your stomping ground – please come and say hello! And if it isn’t – fancy visiting a gorgeous indoor market? It has a great array of talented artisans and it should be a lovely day out.

10 – 3pm

The Substation

1 Market St, Newport.

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A surprise package has arrived…

…Containing the advance copy of my new book. What a moment! Pete opened it for me in the car as we took the kids to child care and it was so hard to wait for the traffic lights to steal glances at it. I am so incredibly happy with it – the cover is so tactile and beautiful. I just want to keep picking it up. And inside it looks just wonderful. It feels like the perfect size, shape, paper and the quality of the printing inside – it’s all done justice to all of that hard work.

I’m so excited!

It is such a lovely feeling cover – the fabric texture is beautiful and with that debossed image… Wonderful!


Imagine the stories…


For another peek into the book, take at look at the trailer.

I’m now organising the book launch, which is happening in June. It’s going to be great. Details soon…

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